• Plan, Build & Launch

    We hit the ground running, taking to heart your goals, budget, and vision. Everything it'll take to make your conference soar.

    We custom-design, build and host a fully featured, highly usable event website, fine-tuning it as your event evolves.

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  • Confreg Console™

    The Console brings together the Confreg suite of event management tools so you can take control.

    With a leading-edge web interface providing real-time insight into your event plan, Confreg reduces email and cross-talk while keeping the team on top of deadlines and deliverables.

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  • Event Registration & Hotel Management

    Make a great first impression on attendees with smooth and secure registration. We can even help them find and book the right hotel there and then.

    We take care of all the hard parts: customer support, invoicing and payments, keeping you informed in the Confreg Console™.

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  • Session Scheduling & Content Management

    Our interactive, drag and drop scheduler lets attendees plan their own experience, then view their schedule in iCal, Outlook, or a printable PDF.

    Behind the scenes, you can manage session content, room capacity and change any aspect of the schedule 24x7.

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  • Speaker Management

    Managing the talent is critical, so we've built sophisticated tools that make material submissions, revisions and approvals a breeze.

    Automatic reminders keep your workflow of tasks, due dates, rehearsals and submission approvals on track for any number of speakers, from a handful to hundreds.

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  • Sponsor Management

    Achieve sponsor buy-in with polished, flexible tools for buying and changing pre-set or custom packages.

    Through automatic reminders and approval flows, we enable quick turnaround on delivering logos and moving assets from person to person.

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  • On-Site Execution

    When the doors open, Confreg is right beside you to welcome attendees and provide hands-on technical and logistical support backed by years of experience.

    With cool heads and professional staff, we keep ahead of attendee needs and keep little problems from becoming big ones.

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  • Reporting & Reconciliation

    After the close of a great event, Confreg is still at your side to provide complete accountability support.

    Our staff and console keep working, providing custom reports, analytics, stats and downloadable spreadsheets for a complete picture of your event by the numbers.

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  • Contact the Confreg Team

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